Find us.

We have opened a store near the workshop, so you can come and find out more about our work and various salts.

We also stock a selection of products from other artisans and producers who share the same passion as us, that we meet during our various travels and trade-fairs.

At the workshop

Come and meet us to discover our savoir-faire and our products.

Lionel and Françoise Charteau


  • Pont l’Evèque  (14): Fête du fromage (cheese festival) at the beginning of May
  • Marseilles SAVIM (13): mid-November
  • Rueil Malmaison (St-Cloud Racecourse) (92): beginning of December
  • St Molf (44): Marché de Noël (Christmas market) at the beginning of December
  • Charlieu (42):  Marché de Noël (Christmas market) in mid-December