La maison charteau.

How it all started

Salt and fleur de sel producers in the Guérande region for 20 years now, we are happy to show you our work and to introduce you to the products of our online shop.

Ten years ago, our desire for independence and taste for fine cuisine led us to develop a keen interest in gastronomy. From high-rated chefs to producers and artisans who, like us, have a passion for quality.

These chefs and artisans were looking for products of the finest quality, able to elevate their recipes.Maison Charteau therefore responds to their needs by offering quality local products.

Our philosophy

Since then, we have forged a genuine bond with chefs from all horizons, top-rated or not, in Brittany or elsewhere, and have been using their feedback over the course of the years to keep perfecting our production.

You will not find in our shop the “IGP” mention, a specification obtained by the biggest producers in the Guérande marshes. The specifications that we impose on ourselves are significantly more rigorous than IGP’s.

The premium quality of our salt is acclaimed by the biggest names in gastronomy. More than a label, we aim to achieve the highest gustative experience for the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Very attached to the quality of the salt we produce, we proposed a direct relationship with our customers without intermediaries. We make the majority of our deliveries ourselves.

Françoise & Lionel

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